the garden


There is a place inside us that holds our past tight, encased in shining amber. For some it is like an artifact to keep close, a souvenir of beauty passed. For others it is a mystery, we work hard to break the amber and get at what's inside to find where our darkness is stemming from. I call this place The Garden.

The Garden is a visual metaphor for trauma, sexuality and childhood. These three things entwine as we grow and it can become increasingly difficult to understand where our darkness is rooted.

You are the only one who can save yourself.

The Garden was built on intuition, coming up from my subconscious. I walked down into my cold basement studio, told my brain to be quiet and let my hands work without interruptions. Everything you see was created by me, there is no Photoshop used to create this world.

You are looking into a dream-scape and there is no perfect narrative. These images are not a puzzle to solve, they are meant to be felt. They want to show you what you have forgotten. My models are here to guide you home.

2017 - 2018.