Jaina Cipriano


Jaina Cipriano is a lover of color, stories and all spaces in between.

She craves control while living for spontaneity and these elements come together when she is shooting. Creating alternate realities that she views as a visual representation of emotions she has trouble defining, her work takes the shape of the dream you wake up struggling to remember, only tasting the vivid edges while the center dissolves.

Jaina loves working with her hands. She welds, sculpts, builds and shapes these photographs from nothing. Entirely self taught, Jaina picked up a wrench two years ago and it was like holding a magic wand. She took to it like a fish to water, swimming her way to bigger and better sets as she did.

Inspired by growth through childhood, the enduring mark of trauma and winding path we take to come to terms with our sexuality. Jaina does not just take photographs, she crafts immersive experiences for her models and capture their authentic reactions to these places. As they move and sweat beneath her movie set hot lights the emotions she captures are raw and moving. The worlds may be fabricated but the experience is anything but.

Her work is serious but with humor in it, just as in life. A cheekiness to our suffering. You can either laugh or go mad. Jaina chooses to laugh. See her work, get lost in the colors, laugh with her as the labyrinth of your past encompasses you.